Tara Ellis

Tara Ellis

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I discovered this author through her young adult works. Although I may be an adult, but I've found countless hours of entertainment and delight within the pages of a mystery or adventure meant for an audience far younger. But most of us are still kids at heart. It's fitting we let our inner child out more often and taste a bit of freedom.
The descriptions are tasteful and really bring the landscape to life. I like how the main characters are engaging, ring true and feel real. Like someone you could go meet at the park in the afternoon to hang out with, knowing fun, mystery and adventure would be sure to happen.

In this first book I enjoyed getting to know who the characters were. Personalities, relationships, secrets and clues all came together in a very well crafted tale. I found myself caught up in things til the wee hours of the night! So curl up in your comfy spot and get ready to try and outsmart the amatuer detectives. A thrilling mystery, with dangers, threats and intrigue lays ahead.

Hollow Inn

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