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Jeremy Laszlo



Now I'm normally not one to read about apocalyptic fiction, but I've been playing Fallout: New Vegas recently. So this caught my attention, especially since it's in the pov of some kids.

Now some may have trouble pulling off realistic behavior and dialogue for kids and in this kind of environment it would seem almost impossible. But not for this writer, he was able to keep me hooked. These kids have very strong bonds, there's a lot of emotional turbulence and very real conflicts, both internal and external. The tension at times makes it very hard to stop reading, even when the phone rings!

There's six books all together and I found myself going through each book, like I go through slices of pizza during our lunch meetings on Friday.
Don't judge, it's free pizza.

There's lots of action, lots of real dangers and the mystery about what happened, but that's not enough. Killer mutations, other survivors who may or may not be trustworthy, and other crazy people. Then the kids start to feel sick and stuff gets weird. Yet through it all, all they want is to find their Dad. But where could he be? It's a long shot, but they head for the only place all the information points to. So get comfortable, get some snacks and settle in for a very intense and wild read.

Children of the After

I highly recommend this series, it's got a whole lot of heart, plus a very unexpected ending. Get the bundle or give it to someone who's a fan of apocalyptic stories.

Laszlo Book bundle

Jeremy also has a apocalyptic zombie series which might be perfect for those who enjoy the above series. I've not breached these books, as I'm not a zombie kind of person. I've been a bit overdone with zombies in all kinds of media. So I'm having one of the others read these. I'll have them add a review of it in the blog at a later point. In the meantime, if you're nuts over the undead in zombie form, take a look at this bunch.

Left Alive #1