Adele Abbott




A delightfully witty writer, I'm very pleased to have found her and love the entertaining group of characters within her books. The idea of "my crazy family" is taken to a whole new level. Most of us don't have to worry about ghostly parents, werewolves, witches or any other "sups" (supernaturals) in our dealings with our family and friends. Add to that, talking animals, nasty sups, difficult police officers and trying to be a good P.I. too into the mix. I can't blame the main for needing a cream puff (or 3) or a large muffin to help strengthen her resolve.

The first book is a roller coaster ride of emotions as she's introduced to a world she never knew even existed! This series is as addicting as a choice pastry or a bit of chocolate after a difficult day. So make a cup of tea and jump right in! This is the beginning to a wonderful and witty adventure.

When it all began

If you've been a fan or want to gift this series to someone special, then here's the current collection here.

Abbott Book bundle
Also, Adele has started a new series in the same world as the Witch P.I. series. It's about a human. That alone should send up flags, but she's just moved into a flat (apartment) with some sups! Looks like things are going to get really interesting for the werewolf, vampire and warlock in residence, to say the least. Even worse, this human is an investigative journalist! Between this and a stubborn ghost in the loft, a beastly landlord and dealing with life in general, this series promises to be one wild ride!

Our Flatmate is Human