My name is L. A. Starr and I'm disabled. I'm legally blind which is a real pain when it comes to reading. But there are ways around it, like audio books, screen readers and making stuff really big onscreen.
Since I was very young, reading has been my ticket to amazing places. Where I'd meet larger than life characters who took me on wild adventures. It was my escape from reality, a way to lose myself and leave this world behind.
This site's named after some special characters, those who have been there for me to encourage and inspire me. D is for Dark, K is for Knight, M is for Magick and S is for myself, Starr. It's with their help, through discussions or just listening, they've kept me writing. I'm hoping to be able to add my own ebooks under Stories. Till then I might offer links to some material I've put up online.

I'm hoping to dedicate a bit more time to the site. Things changed in 2014 while I went through breast cancer, my life turned upside down a bit. But it's time to move ahead and see where things lead. I may have to post some affiliate links in hopes of making a little bit to fund hosting and such. Disability doesn't cover all expenses so I try to do what I can to suppliment things.

My future goals ahead are:
That's a lot and it's going to take some time to work on all of it. A website grows kinda like a plant, if you think about it. From a seed of an idea, it slowly grows into a website, then grows into a group, then building in time into a community.
At least I hope it will do so in time.
It's a work-in-progress, especially since there's always new ebooks to read, add, review and post updates. Promoting, sharing, and reviewing many wonderful authors and their works await. I hope you enjoy those authors and their works I share here.
Thank you for your interest in my site, DKMS Publishing.