My name is L. A. Starr and I'm disabled. I'm legally blind which is a real pain when it comes to reading. But there are ways around it, like audio books, screen readers and making stuff really big onscreen.
Since I was very young, reading has been my ticket to amazing places. Where I'd meet larger than life characters who took me on wild adventures. It was my escape from reality, a way to lose myself and leave this world behind.
This site's named after some special characters, those who are real and those who are not. D is for Dark, K is for Knight, M is for Magick and S is for myself, Starr. Some have inspired me, encouraged me, frustrated me and above all, kept me writing. I'm hoping to be able to add my own ebooks under Stories. Till then I might offer links to some things I've put up online.

I'm hoping to dedicate a bit more time to the site. Things changed in 2014 while I went through breast cancer, my life turned upside down a bit. But it's time to move ahead and see where things lead. I may have to post some affiliate links in hopes of making a little bit to fund hosting and such. Disability doesn't cover all expenses so I try to do what I can to suppliment things.

My future goals ahead are:
That's a lot and it's going to take some time to work on all of it. A website grows kinda like a plant, if you think about it. From a seed of an idea, it slowly grows into a website, then grows into a group, then building in time into a community.
At least I hope it will do so in time.
It's a work-in-progress, especially since there's always new ebooks to read, add, review and post updates. Promoting, sharing, and reviewing many wonderful authors and their works await. I hope you enjoy those authors and their works I share here.
Thank you for your interest in my site, DKMS Publishing.