Mary Downing Hahn

Mary Hahn


I often browse through the listings on my Kindle Fire, looking for something to read. Sure, I've tons of ebooks I've not gotten to yet. But I just wasn't in the mood for them. I wanted something different.

I came across an image with children that caught my eye. Maybe it was the greys and blues which drew me in. But I got it and started reading.
At first I didn't realize it, but soon the truth came through. It was a ghost story! Only this was from the perspective of a ghost or should I say ghosts.
It was completely captivating and the mystery, dangers, it all had me eager to turn the next page. The tone and tension were perfect, peeking my interest to see what would happen next.
As I read, the characters came to life, so to speak. Their fears became my own. The possibility of freedom, the risk of trusting a stranger, bravery in the face of the unknown, it was exciting to ride along. Even as the ending came, there was a sadness, but a peace also. It was a proper ending for such a tale, finally closure. A dark mystery solved, the guilty party forgiven and all moving on.

I found more chilling works when I went back for more. Ghosts, betrayal, passing through time, old feuds and misunderstandings. Through it all the characters, both living and spirit wove the illusion of reality. Dark forests, rushing waters, forbidden gardens and grand mansions. I felt like I was there creeping, dancing and running along with those whom I'd chosen to follow page after page. Together through frights, thrills and determination to see it to the end. I completely enjoyed the many spooky journeys these works invited me to share.

Old Willis Place

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