James Matlack Raney

James Raney

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I must admit, when I began to read about this author's main character, I was a tad worried. But soon I found myself cheering him on. The action is fierce, it grabs you and won't let you go. The descriptions, relationships and the mystery all blended together for page turning adventures. I found it tempting to go back again and again, even after a 2-3 hour binge. I finished the first, then quickly snatched up the next two and gobbled them up in two days.

I enjoyed the first book the most, since it's where the main character grew in so many ways. His developement, internal battles and struggles were like watching a raw gem be finely crafted into a jewel. But there are still battles to fight, dangers to face and evil to stop when this book ends. It's why I had to get the next two immediately after I finished it. lol

Jim Morgan #1

If you like the first or want to gift this series to another, then the 3 book collection's here.

Morgan 3 book bundle