Steven K. Smith

Steve Smith

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Normally I'm not overly into history, maybe it was due to my history teachers making it feel dusty, dry and, well old. It never seemed to be very exciting. But this author changes things, his descriptions of these historic places, the viewpoint of his characters and the mysteries they discover is captivating. I've even been to some of these places in Virginia, so it was seeing them with new eyes! I'm tempted to go back just to check them out again with a new perspective and appreciation.

The first book introduces the brothers and gives a look into their personalities and relationship to both one another, as well as those around them. Adventures can be addicting, but they can also be scary and dangerous. Both boys deal with the excitement of discovery, the secrecy, the possibilities and dangers of finding something lost in an unstable location. So pack a lunch, find a comfy spot and dive right in! An adventure of mystery, treasure and dangers awaits you.

Summer of the Woods

If you've been a fan or want to gift this series to someone special, then here's the first 3 books of the collection here.

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